portfolio monitoring


There are several examples in our database of properties which are claimed to be exclusive even though they are not exactly exclusive. ORBIT monitors if properties are indeed exclusive and alerts its users for any exclusivity breach. This is currently the only tool in the market for monitoring exclusivity.

Sold/delisted properties

Agencies can take up to 3 months before they realize that their property has been sold by another agency. With ORBIT’s software, agencies are the first to know if whether their property has been sold or delisted by other agencies so that they can expect no surprises. ORBIT’s keeps  agencies’ portfolios clean and up-to-date. 

Property sourcer

ORBIT’s aggregates all the listings of private sellers from portals such as Property24, Private Property and GumTree. Tailored alerts from these listings are made available to agencies seeking to source new properties.  

price deviations

With ORBIT’s portfolio monitoring tool, agencies become aware of all the the other agencies holding the same properties as them and at which prices. We further alert them for any changes regarding the status and prices of such listings.

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