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introducing transparency to the real estate market

ORBIT uses Artificial Inteligence to collect, clean and match listings from hundreds of sources such as Pam Golding and Property24. We provide real estate professionals with real-time data and tools essential for a better and faster positioning in a very competitive field.

what we do

Discover how ORBIT is simplifying the Real Estate

portfolio monitoring

Live monitoring of agencies portfolio against their competition. With ORBIT's portfolio monitoring tool, agencies are aware regarding who else is selling their properties and are alerted when changes on their listings occur.

prediction calculators

A.I. powered prediction calculators which estimate for real estate professionals the optimal price for a property to go on the market for and predict how long a property will remain in the market.

real-time statistics

Powerful real-time statistics tailored for real estate professionals to better grasp and understand the market's supply and demand. ORBIT captures and displays the existing market shifts in different shapes and forms.

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The largest database in cape town

Why orbit?

With over 100.000 properties tracked daily, ORBIT is the cleanest and most complete real estate database in Cape Town. We monitor listings that are for Sale and Rent, and other categories such as Developments and Commercial/Industrial.

Number of Properties for Sale in Cape Town
Private Property

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orbit has developed tools never seen before in the data market

As we strive to bring transparency and efficiency to the real estate market, several tools and features unknown to the market have been developed. This includes: 

  • Listings History
  • Geo-Search
  • Exclusivity Monitor
  • Aggregation of Listings by Private Sellers
  • Advanced URL search
  • Deeds Office Data Integration (Coming Soon)
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