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We use machine learning to index, match and update property listings from hundreds of different sources into one clean platform.

We provide real estate professionals with full visibility of the market, real-time statistics and tools that enables them to rapidly identify market changes and capitalize on opportunities.

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Portfolio Monitoring

Our platform allows professionals to monitor their portfolio and listings' exclusivity. We keep track of your favourite properties and will alert you for any price or status changes.

Historical data & Statistics

We provide historical data of every property such as when it was first listed and price changes occured. Our real-time statistics also allow you to better understand the market and its movements.

Private sellers

Professionals can source leads by filtering and subscribing to new listings from private sellers. With ORBIT, you'll be the the first one to know about any new private sellers in your area of focus.

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The largest database in the western cape

Why orbit?

With over 240 000 active properties tracked daily, ORBIT is the cleanest and most complete real estate database for the City of Cape Town metropolitan area. On a daily basis, we clean, match and deduplicate listings from hundreds of different sources.

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