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ORBIT uses Artificial Intelligence to collect, clean and match property listings from hundreds of sources. We provide real estate professionals with real-time data and tools essential for a better and faster positioning in a very competitive field.

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Meta-search engine

All the properties publicly listed in the market together with price comparisons and other metrics. We allow professionals to monitor their portfolio and favourite properties which include alerts of price and status change.

prediction calculators

We've developed the best AVM software in the industry. Professionals can quickly assess whether they are looking at a good deal with ORBT's price estimations attached on each property profile.

real-time statistics

Powerful real-time statistics tailored for real estate professionals to better grasp and understand the market's supply and demand. ORBIT captures and displays the existing market shifts in different shapes and forms.

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The largest database in the western cape

Why orbit?

With over 100 000 properties tracked daily, ORBIT is the cleanest and most complete real estate database for the City of Cape Town metropolitan area. We deduplicate and clean all our listings and count on our users to report incorrect information and wrongdoings from hundreds of agencies in South Africa.

Number of Properties for Sale in the Western Cape
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orbit has developed tools never seen before in the real estate market

We are bringing all the tools necessary to empower professionals in staying informed and save time when looking for a property.

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