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About orbit

ORBIT Real Estate Data is a startup in the Proptech industry which aims to bring transparency and efficiency to the South African real estate market. Composed of a team of different nationalities and expertise, ORBIT makes use of lean methodologies and innovative methods to add value to real estate professionals and to save time in their daily operations.

ORBIT acts as a helping hand for real estate professionals, providing them with the information and insights they need to make educated decisions. The platform enables everyone to access data driven insights such as current market trends, property and market comparisons and a variety of statistical analysis tools.

our mission

what we are solving

1 house, several agencies, several prices

Upon selling a property, a seller may contact several real estate agencies that list the property for sale. Due to the inaccuracy of traditional CMAs, the same property goes on the market for very distinct prices (with differences ranging up to 63%) and other conflicting metrics (such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and living and erf area). This creates confusion and mistrust for buyers and professionals of the real estate.  

no centralized data repository

With the rapid rise in the importance of data, due to sheer volume, as well as techniques to process it, the real estate market represents a prime opportunity for data science to be applied. Currently, there is no real estate centralized data repository from which to apply data science to. A centralized data store enables drawing out trends and statistics which are not agency specific. 

the real estate market reacts slowly

Due to the absence of a centralized repository of all publicly listed properties on the market, professionals are unaware and slow to react to changes in the real estate market. Accordingly, we see many listings of exlusive properties that are not exactly exclusive and properties that remain for sale, even though another agency has sold it months ago. Additionally, professionals are also unaware regarding competitors' price changes on the listings they share.